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Tyler Faligowski
Licensed agent since 2006
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Licensed agent since 2013
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Licensed agent since 2015
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Cory Faligowski
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Our Clients Like Us

  “Diane is very helpful on getting me affordable health insurance and dental for my daughter and I and she’s always on time!” -Nona M.   “Diane’s ability to explain the complexities of insurance into language that the average person can understand is hard to find in the ‘insurance’ world, she makes people feel welcome and at ease with their decision to find the right plan. She always works hard to get the best plan and save money on their health insurance and Medicare plans.” -Tamera P.   “Dianne and her staff are experts! I felt so relieved after meeting with her. She help my adult daughter enroll in an excellent health plan that she could afford after being without insurance for two years…I highly recommend her!!!” -Linda N.  

Thankful Clients


A former employer, Diane was used to paying health insurance premiums for her employees. When her circumstances changed, the Marketplace was there to back her up.
“I could pay for a few doctors visits perhaps, but what if something went wrong with one of my hip replacement?




Life had many surprises in store for Ray, one of which was a back injury that has made his health coverage more important than ever. 
“The Marketplace has just done wonderful things for me. They’ve helped me a lot.”


As a health care agent for the Marketplace, Dianne prides herself on helping connect Oregonians with the health care they need.
“This Affordable Care Act has helped so many people.”


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