2024 Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

Every year, Medicare evaluates Medicare plans using a variety of metrics. Each plan is assigned an overall star rating, and separate summary ratings for prescription drug plan quality and health plan quality are calculated where applicable.

This section elaborates on the basis of the star ratings and offers examples of plan quality.

For plans that exclusively cover health services and do not include prescription drug coverage (MAs), the overall quality score aligns with the summary rating of health plan quality.


For plans that solely provide prescription drug coverage without health services (PDPs), the overall quality score corresponds to the summary rating of drug plan quality.


For plans that encompass both health services and prescription drug coverage (MAPds), the overall quality score is derived from the combined evaluation of underlying factors from both the health plan summary and the drug plan summary.

Why Star Ratings matter?


Star Ratings hold significant importance as they influence the quality bonus payments a plan can receive. To qualify for a quality bonus payment, a plan must attain a rating of four stars or higher. The financial disparity between a 3-star and a 4-star plan is substantial, amounting to millions of dollars.


These bonus payments serve as a catalyst for plans to enhance their services, ultimately attracting more enrollees. Furthermore, plans that achieve a 5-star rating enjoy the privilege of conducting open enrollment throughout the year. Given the intensified competition in the Medicare Advantage market, continual improvement is essential for plans to distinguish themselves and thrive.


Overall Star Rating

Overall Star Rating assesses whether a Medicare plan is eligible for the 5-Star Special Enrollment Period or falls under the consistently low-performing Special Enrollment Period category.


This rating system evaluates various aspects of the services provided by each plan, focusing on specific criteria to gauge their performance.


Summary Assessment of Health Plan Quality

What is Evaluated?


For health plans encompassing various services, the overall quality score is derived from a comprehensive evaluation that spans five key categories:

  • Staying Healthy: This category assesses screenings, tests, and vaccines, evaluating whether members receive essential screening tests, vaccines, and check-ups crucial for their well-being.
  • Managing Chronic (Long-term) Conditions: It includes evaluating how frequently members with different conditions undergo specific tests and treatments essential for managing their respective health conditions.
  • Member Experience with the Health Plan: This aspect involves rating member satisfaction with the plan, providing insights into their overall experience.
  • Member Complaints and Changes in Health Plan Performance: This category examines the frequency of problems identified by Medicare and members, also considering improvements in the plan’s performance over time.
  • Health Plan Customer Service: It evaluates how effectively the plan handles member appeals, reflecting the plan’s customer service proficiency.

Summary Assessment of Prescription Drug Plan Quality


This summary rating offers a holistic score for the drug plan’s quality and performance, based on evaluations in four distinct categories:

  • Drug Plan Customer Service: This category assesses the plan’s handling of member appeals, highlighting its customer service responsiveness.
  • Member Complaints and Changes in Drug Plan Performance: It evaluates the frequency of issues identified by Medicare and members, considering improvements in the plan’s performance over time.
  • Member Experience with Plan’s Drug Services: This aspect involves rating member satisfaction with the plan’s drug services, capturing their overall experience.
  • Drug Safety and Accuracy of Drug Pricing: It gauges the accuracy of the plan’s pricing information and ensures members are prescribed drugs in a manner that is safe and clinically recommended for their specific medical conditions.

What This Means for Medicare Beneficiaries


The Star Ratings play a vital role for Medicare beneficiaries, offering a means to assess and compare Medicare Advantage and Part D plans during the open enrollment period. Beneficiaries enrolled in higher-rated plans generally experience improved health outcomes and express higher levels of satisfaction.


Given the decrease in the number of plans with four stars or above in 2024, it is crucial for beneficiaries to thoroughly evaluate the Star Ratings along with other factors such as premiums, benefits, and provider networks as they make decisions for the upcoming year.


Utilizing Medicare’s website to compare plans can assist individuals in finding the most suitable option based on their healthcare needs and budget. The 2024 Star Ratings and other pertinent plan details are now accessible online, aiding beneficiaries in making well-informed choices during the current fall’s open enrollment period (OEP). It is essential to review coverage options annually, as plan costs and benefits may undergo changes each year.

Learn more about the Medicare Enrollment Period here.


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