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Health Plans in Oregon Super Team

Since starting in the insurance industry in 2006, Health Plans in Oregon was founded by Dianne Faligowski who has traveled thousands of miles throughout Oregon, California and Washington, helping people simplify the health insurance plan enrollment process, and ensuring they have affordable health insurance plans that fit their lifestyles and budgets.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Vision

Every person is empowered to live the healthiest life possible, regardless of demographic background, income, or health status because they can access the highest quality healthcare, tailored to their individual needs and unique situation.


Our Core Values

  • People Focused – Instead of treating others how we want to be treated, we invest time to discover how they want to be treated. When we meet with people, our only agenda is to learn about their unique situation and find an option that fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle. 
  • Partnerships, Service & Social Mission – People thrive when the community around them also thrives. We build strong partnerships and focus on the most vulnerable people, providing services to improve quality of life and sit
  • Accountability and Continuous Improvement – We hold ourselves accountable for each part of our work and expect others to as well. We never sit back and say “we’re done” because this work is too important. We keep improving and stay ahead of industry changes so each client remains in the best situation possible.
  • Embrace Change – The only permanent thing in this world is change. We embrace the changes within the healthcare industry, and we find solutions to maximize benefits for our clients. We go to our clients and advocate for them for the rest of their life

About Health Plans in Oregon


Health Plans in Oregon is an experienced, independent, certified and trained Health Plans Consultant on Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Health Insurance Marketplace, Group Insurance, Life Insurance, Supplemental, Dental, Vision, and more. HPO is owned by Insurance Marketplace Agency, Inc, a licensed insurance agency in Oregon. We are one of 24 Oregon insurance agencies selected by the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace to help people sign up for and re-enroll for health insurance care plans.

Health Plans in oregon

Over a decade of being an Independent Medicare Health Plan Consultant

Assistance applying for financial assistance to help pay insurance premiums

Certified agents for the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

Skilled in helping to choose the best health care plans available under The Health Insurance Marketplace or Healthcare.gov

Can aid with Affordable Care Act ‘aka’ Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment

Licensed in health, life, property and casualty insurance assistance

Our Health Plans in Oregon Team

Our Services

Our Services

We can also help with these insurance plans:


We care…about you. We believe our healthcare system is broken when profits and policy are placed over people.  We believe access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and quality care is more important than commerce. We believe this is achieved through meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers, insurance companies, government agencies, and community organizations. We know everyone needs healthcare at some point in their life, so we expect the unexpected and are here year-round to make sure your healthcare works as it should when you need it. We celebrate diversity and represent the many cultures living as neighbors. We know you’re unique and believe there isn’t a “one size fits all model”. While your body is the greatest tool you’ll ever own; we believe your best-self happens with a healthy mind and soul, achieved with tailored, personal healthcare models. We believe people thrive best within supportive communities, so we put our time and money where our mouth is to support many nonprofit organizations in our neighborhoods. By standing for you, we stand apart, working against the typical confusion and dysfunction in the healthcare industry. We bring our passion to each interaction as your personal advocates and educators; we are not merely insurance agents; we are agents of change.

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