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Over 65 Insurance Plan Options

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Why do you need insurance if you’re over 65?

As you age, you are more prone to disease and injuries. With the rising cost of healthcare, it is important that you have the sufficient medical coverage you need. Aging parents are being assisted by their adult children in search for seniors health insurance. Therefore, it is essential that both understand the options for Over 65 Insurance Plans.

There are 3 Options for over 65 Insurance Plan:

Option 1: Medicare Part A + Part B +

  • Part A-(no cost) covers hospital
  • Part B-($121/mo.) covers medical
  • Part D-covers prescription drugs, premium starts from $18/month.

* Medicare covers only 80% of most medical services in addition to deductibles. 

Option 2: Medicare Part A + Part B = Part C – Medicare Advantage

  • Part C – may cover more than original Medicare, predictable co-pays, max out of pocket, prescription drugs, wellness benefits, eye glasses, dental, hearing aids and has a max out of pocket. It starts at $0 premium.

Option 3: Medicare A + B + Part D + Medicare Supplement/Medigap

To be fully insured, you might want to supplement your Medicare coverage with Medicare supplemental insurance. Medicare Supplement/Medigap may cover all your co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare won’t cover. It starts from $85/month.

Over 65 Insurance Quote

If you need a Medicare quote and side by side comparison of all Medicare health plans, Life, Dental, Hospital Indemnity, Long Term Care & Final Expense in Oregon or Washington states, feel free to contact us and we can email, mail or call you with a quote that best suit your needs.

Other Insurance Plans beside over 65 Insurance Plan:

Life Insurance = Issue age 15 days to 75 years old.

  • Guaranteed death protection up to age 120
  • Chronic Illness, Critical and Terminal Illness Riders
  • Waiver of Premium

Dental Insurance = As low as $25/month

  • No waiting period for major dental work
  • Start coverage the next month
  • Enroll anytime throughout the year

Hospital Indemnity = No deductibles

  • Provides cash benefits to use as you see fit
  • The hospitalization benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have.

Long Term Care = Provides asset protection

  • Receive care at home
  • Rate may not increase once you bought a policy
  • Policy may cover for the rest of your life

Final Expense = Very affordable as low as a dollar a day

  • Guaranteed issue
  • No underwriting

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