Does Medicare Pay For Gym Memberships?

Individuals aged 65 and older are advised to engage in regular physical activity multiple times a week as a preventive measure against the development of chronic health conditions. This activity should encompass various intensities and include both aerobic and strength exercises, incorporating movements designed to enhance balance. Aerobic exercises such as hiking, walking, swimming, or running are recommended on most days of the week.


Engaging in strength exercises like resistance training and weightlifting twice a week has the potential to enhance muscle strength. The inclusion of movements aimed at improving balance can contribute to a reduced risk of falls and the prevention of other injuries. Given these recommendations, many seniors may question whether Medicare covers the expenses associated with exercise programs.

Is there coverage for an exercise program under Medicare?

Does Medicare Pay For Gym Memberships_Does Medicare Pay For Gym Memberships_

Services such as exercise programs and gym memberships are not part of the coverage provided by Original Medicare. However, some Medicare Advantage plans may incorporate these benefits, covering the expenses related to exercise programs. Opting for Medicare Advantage can be advantageous as it ensures coverage for both Medicare Parts A and B.


Additionally, certain Medicare Supplement plans, also referred to as Medigap plans, may extend coverage for an exercise program. It’s important to note that the fitness benefits offered can vary among plans and may not be available in every Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan. To make an informed decision, it is recommended to thoroughly review all the benefits offered by each plan and select the one that aligns with your health and wellness needs.

Is SilverSneakers covered by Medicare?


SilverSneakers, a nationwide exercise initiative for individuals aged 65 and above, strives to enhance the health and well-being of older adults, demonstrating positive impacts on both mental and physical health. While not included in Original Medicare, the SilverSneakers program is a benefit commonly offered by many Medicare Advantage plans and some Medigap plans.


Enrollment in Medicare plans that provide the SilverSneakers benefit does not entail additional fees for participation. This inclusive program offers:

  • Gym Membership: Participants can acquire a gym membership, granting access to a multitude of participating gyms nationwide.
  • Online Classes: Access to both live and on-demand online fitness classes is available.
  • Community Activities: Enrollment allows individuals to register for various fitness and recreational classes within their local community.
  • Fitness App: Participants have the option to download a mobile fitness app, facilitating the location of classes, participation in workout programs, and monitoring of personal progress.

Is exercise equipment covered by Medicare?


Exercise equipment falls outside the coverage provided by Original Medicare. Medicare Part B does cover durable medical equipment (DME), which must be deemed medically necessary by your healthcare provider and used within your home. Examples of DME include mobility aids like walkers and canes, as well as supplies for managing diabetes, such as test strips, lancets, and blood glucose monitors. However, exercise equipment is not classified as durable medical equipment.


Financial assistance to purchase exercise equipment may be available through some Medicare Advantage plans. Certain plans reimburse specific fitness services through direct member fitness reimbursement (DMR) allowances. The allocated amount varies by plan, and members can utilize this allowance to buy exercise equipment like yoga mats and weights. As reimbursement is the mechanism for this benefit, individuals must initially cover the equipment cost and later request repayment from their insurance company by following the reimbursement process outlined. Further information on finding the right Medicare Advantage plan can be obtained at

Does Medicare cover a fitness watch?


While the use of wearable health technology, including fitness watches, is on the rise, Original Medicare currently does not cover fitness watches. Some Medicare Advantage plans may include coverage for a fitness watch. Additionally, individuals may have the option to purchase a fitness watch or other health technology through a direct member fitness reimbursement allowance. It is recommended to check with your specific Medicare plan to determine if this benefit is included.


Active and regular participation in an exercise program is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all adults, especially older individuals aiming to prevent and manage chronic diseases. If eligible for Medicare benefits, there are available options to participate in fitness programs. Many Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans offer exercise programs as a benefit, addressing access barriers for individuals seeking to engage in regular physical activity.


Will Medicare cover the cost of an exercise machine?

Medicare generally does not cover exercise machines. Coverage is limited to durable medical equipment (DME) deemed medically necessary by your provider. If your Medicare plan offers a fitness reimbursement benefit, you may be able to obtain an exercise machine through this allowance.

Does Medicare Plan G include coverage for a gym membership?

Medicare Plan G, a Medigap plan, provides gym membership coverage through the SilverSneakers program. Some other Medigap plans may also offer gym membership coverage through SilverSneakers, so it’s advisable to explore available plans in your area to check for this benefit.

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