FamilyCare Shuts Down

Familycare shuts down

FamilyCare Medicaid is shutting down by end of the year. Due to insufficient 2018 Capitation Rates from the Oregon Health Authority, they are closing their Medicaid/ OHP line of business effective January 1, 2018. There’s over 100,000 FamilyCare OHP members and over 4,000 FamilyCare Advantage Plan members.

FamilyCare Medicare Advantage plans may continue in 2018. But because Medicare Advantage Plans are small part of their over all business, one of two things will occur. They can sell their plan to another Medicare Advantage plan in Oregon or elect to terminate their contract or plan with Medicare (CMS).

Members on the FamilyCare Advantage Rx (HMO) plan will continue to receive their plan benefits in 2018, unless contract termination occurs. In which case these members will be granted a Special Election Period (SEP) to enroll in an alternative Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental plan. FamilyCare Medicare Advantage members have 60 days to enroll to an alternative Medicare plan that may suit their needs.

Members on the FamilyCare Community (HMO-SNP) dual plan will be receiving information about their next steps soon, and its members will receive additional details about this transition in the next several weeks. These are FamilyCare members that are receiving Medicare benefits and full Oregon Health Plan benefits.

The Oregon Health Authority gave FamilyCare a deadline of midday Thursday to agree to a state proposal to continue managing Medicaid-funded healthcare.

If you’re on FamilyCare Medicare Advantage plan, you don’t have to do anything. Familycare Medicare plans to continue their plan. For any questions about other plan options you can contact us by calling 503-998-6169 or email:

We’re here to help you transition to a Medicare plan that best suits your needs and providers.

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