Why Do We Love Helping People Get Insurance?

Working as licensed agents can be overwhelming. This job requires us to be flexible in situation analysis while having the ability to cheer up and help people in need.


Now, why do we really love helping you out with insurance?We-Love-Helping-People-Oregon

It is because….

#1 We know that everyone deserves affordable insurance.

People from different walks of life have the same need for protection. We want to be able to give them the most suitable health insurance plans based on their needs and budget.

#2 We want to build a healthier community.

Our aim is to live in a community where all residents have access to adequate medical treatment and medications. We believe that healthy residents are capable of achieving bigger accomplishments for the community.

#3 We love taking challenges, there was never a boring day being an agent!

When we help people, we deal with their unique and personal situations. We need this to come up with the best solution, hence making everyday a chance to help someone in need.

#4 We enjoy interacting with different types of people while doing our day-to-day job.

While our job is to show you plans that will work, we ensure that we know who you are and what situation you’re in. This points out the start of fruitful conversations, new stories and heart-warming partnership. Take note, this happens every day!

#5 And lastly, we’ve been doing this for years (since 2006) and by now, we already know this by heart.

Health Plans In Oregon has been helping Oregonians to achieve affordable health plans since 2006 with its licensed and local agents. Experience is what makes our team trusted for over a decade now.


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