Individuals & Families Health Insurance

First of all, Health Plans in Oregon can help to ensure you are receiving the tax credit and financial assistance you qualify for regarding health care plans. We personally assist Oregonians with Individuals & Families health insurance. Having health coverage ensures that you and your family won’t be stuck worrying about massive medical fees through tough times. Health insurance means more savings!


Individuals & Families Health Insurance

Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Oregon Financial Assistance Income Eligibility

Here are the income eligibility guidelines and chart to determine if you qualify to save money on Health Insurance Exchange/ACA/Obamacare in Oregon:

  • Find your household size and estimated 2018 income
    • You can use adjusted gross income as a rough estimate
  • If you are self-employed or own a business, use your net income
  • If you are in a commission based job, give your best estimate of annual income
    • You can also apply a portion or a bulk of your tax credit to help pay your health insurance in the event your income may be different from your initial application
  • Tax Credits or Financial Assistance received may be used immediately to help pay for your health insurance or receive it as a tax refund at the end of the year

Unexpected Life Events in Health Insurance

If you’re losing coverage from work, Cobra or any other source or if you’re experiencing certain life events such as marriage, birth or divorce, you may be eligible to enroll any time without having to wait for Open Enrollment. Health Plans in Oregon can help you with these details of enrolling in health care plans outside of Open Enrollment:

  • Special enrollment period starts 60 days following life event
  • Help enroll individuals, families, and business outside the Affordable Care Act–Oregon Exchange
  • Enroll directly through health insurance companies
  • If in need of tax credit/financial assistance, must enroll through federal exchange in Oregon

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