Marisol Maldonado

A Story To Tell

Marisol, a lifelong Oregon resident, has a deep appreciation for the breathtaking landscapes of her home state. She loves to explore Oregon’s natural beauty whenever she can. Whether hiking through its majestic forests or enjoying its serene coastlines, Marisol treasures every moment.

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In addition to her adventures in Oregon, Marisol is passionate about giving back to her community. As a dedicated health insurance agent, she is committed to being the best she can be in her role. Her primary goal is to ensure her clients feel secure and confident in their health insurance choices. With a keen eye for what’s truly beneficial, Marisol goes above and beyond to help her clients find the perfect health plan that brings them peace of mind.

Marisol firmly believes that everyone deserves the assurance of having the best-fitting health plan, and she’s determined to be the trusted guide on that journey.

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