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Testimonials from Diane

A former employer, Diane was used to paying health insurance premiums for her employees. When her circumstances changed, the Marketplace was there to back her up.
“I could pay for a few doctors visits perhaps, but what if something went wrong with one of my hip replacement?”

Testimonials from Ray

Life had many surprises in store for Ray, one of which was a back injury that has made his health coverage more important than ever.
“The Marketplace has just done wonderful things for me. They’ve helped me a lot.”

Everyone is well aware the troubles trying to find the best health insurance plans available. If you’re among that group, I heartily recommend contacting Health Plans In Oregon, which is run by my daughter-in-law Dianne Faligowski and son Tyler.Over the past several months, I’ve seen them help people find the best health insurance available, at the best prices as well. They may even help you get financial assistance to cover much if not all your premium costs. They do all the work.They are both honest and truly informed as to the best of what’s out there. Of course, I may be biased in my opinions, but the fact remains, they really can find the best deals for the money. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call Dianne at 503 998 6169. Best of health everyone.

Wayne FaligowskiPrevious Consumer Reporter for Koin 6

For the second year in a row I have had the pleasure of working with Dianne and her team so that I could sign up for the correct health care package. Dianne clearly understands the options, system and provides excellent efficient and timely follow-up to any questions or concerns I raised. It made the whole experience, quick, painless, and therefore stress free. Dianne and team, thank you for your great support.


Confusion, with health plans today for the majority, BUT, if you turn to Dianne, she will choose the best plan for you, a gem to work with

Jim Ryan11/17/2014

Dianne Faligowski works for Health Plan in Oregon, she is very friendly and knowledgeable and helped me get the best policy that fit my needs, if you need help with health insurance needs, then I recommend you give her a call

Jean R.11/15/2014

Dianne Faligowski is so great with health plan she got me and husband all connected and she made it simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much

Pamala Q.11/15/2014

Thanks Diane for helping me get health insurance. It was easy to get covered once you took me through the steps. It was fast too! You were so nice and patient with me. Thank you!

Eddie K02/03/2014

Diane was extremely helpful in sorting out the right Cover Oregon plan for me that covers my doctor and prescriptions. A real treasure.

Karen Smith03/09/2014

Sign up was quick and painless.

Jason Plass02/28/2014

I am amazed at how much money we are going to save on healthcare costs through Cover Oregon. If you are self-employed and want rebates you should message Diane F. She is making it easy.

Holly F.

Just want everyone know how helpful Dianne was with me setting set up with healthcare! She was able to work with me over the phone 100%, I didn’t have to take a weekday off to get it handled. I recommend you give Dianne a call so she can help you out as well.

Tim B.

I was really intimidated with the computer process and couldn’t find anyone in my area but once I get hold of Diane then everything change. Everything is wonderful and easy. It was great. I’m all for the Cover Oregon, ACA bill.

Nancy A.

Dianne was wonderful and more than helpful! Excellent customer service!

Lynna V.03/21/2014

Very easy and lots of good help. Great job

Johnny J.03/15/2014

Thank you very much for helping me on my Medicare. You’re such a blessing.

Arlie M.07/11/2014

I just got enrolled in Cover Oregon thru Dianne Faligowski located In Portland/Beaverton area. Did my research beforehand , had eligibility notice and shopping group form. Enrolling only took 5 minutes because of this and Dianne was very courteous and helpful The only thing painful is knowing I have another bill to worry about. That’s our life! Lol