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Victoria Wolfe- Victoria has been a licensed Life & Health agent for over 30 years, 25 of which have been spent working as a Large Group Employee Benefit Broker/Consultant. Several years ago, family tragedy led Victoria to the path of Medicare. When her sister was struck by a vehicle in Seattle and left unable to care for herself, Victoria arranged for her transport to a nursing facility in Portland. While this move did allow Victoria to monitor her sister’s care here in Oregon, it also meant that she was faced with the overwhelming, tedious and confusing task of trying to make sense of her sister’s Medicare coverage. It wasn’t until the Nursing facility brought in a Medicare Agent that Victoria was offered some clarity and peace within the storm. Victoria was impressed by the Agent’s vast knowledge of Medicare and how she efficiently handled the enrollment process. This was the defining moment that catapulted Victoria’s extensive professional benefit experience, to help people navigate the Medicare and individual healthcare complexities. This pairing of Victoria’s specialized expertise in the field and her personal passion, based on her sister’s journey, is what still drives her today.

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“I absolutely love assisting my clients! I am committed to doing what is best for everyone. No two people have the same health care needs. I conduct personal ‘Needs Assessment’ for each individual I meet. This allows me to hone in on the very best healthcare outcome, with a cost-effective mindset”
-Victoria Wolfe


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