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Vision Insurance in Oregon

Vision Insurance Coverage starts at: $7/MONTH

A Vision Insurance policy can keep your out-of-pocket expenses down for services related to eye care such as routine yearly eye exams, contact lens examinations, vision corrective eyewear and glasses. Moreover, Vision Insurance is oftentimes offered as a supplemental policy to an existing health insurance plan.

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We have been helping thousands of people since 2006 in getting affordable Vision Insurance in Oregon.

And we can help you too. Let us help you lower your eye care costs with our free local assistance. It’s never too late for you to get quality vision services with lower rates. You can purchase vision insurance as an addition to your existing health plan if it’s not already included on your policy or as a stand-alone policy.

What’s available?

  • Coverage that is suited for all ages
  • A national network of vision services and eyewear providers
  • Freedom to go out of network

Be sure to fully understand the costs and benefits.

Unlike major medical insurance policies that provide unlimited benefits after certain co-pays and max out of pocket expenses are met, most vision insurance plans are discount plans or wellness benefit plans that provide specific benefits and discounts. To get an accurate side by side comparison of every vision insurance available to you, Health Plans In Oregon is always here to help.
But remember to check your current health insurance plan to see if vision insurance is included. Most people are unaware they are already covered.

What are the benefits of Vision Insurance?

It depends on how much vision insurance you are willing to pay. Different policies cover different services and optical wear. However, generally you’ll get the following services and products at a discount:

  • A pair of glasses (both frames and lenses)
  • Contact lenses
  • An annual eye exam
  • uncovered products
  • LASIK surgery with specified surgeons


Types of Vision Insurance in Oregon

– Major Vision Plans
These plans give superior vision benefits thru a large network of providers including high-quality, independent private practitioners.

– Vision Discount Plans
When you sign up for a dental plan, some insurers may offer a vision discount plan You may also qualify for a vision discount plan from a corporate group or employer.

– Flexible Spending Accounts
Here, you are allowed to set aside a portion of your earnings (as an employee) to pay for qualified expenses, most commonly for medical expenses (which includes eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses)

Additional Savings!

As a result, you probably save on additional pairs of glasses, contact lenses and more! Our Value Added or Service Plus providers also offer special negotiated fees and discounts for extra purchases of lenses and coatings, frames, contact lenses, and other products.

Who needs Vision Insurance?

As per the National Eye Institute, most adults need vision correction: 66% of Americans 18 and over report using glasses, contacts or both. Getting vision insurance may be a smart financial decision depending on how often you need new lenses or eye exams. Eye exams can detect hidden medical issues, this is why it is important not to skip them even if you have perfect vision. In fact, eye checkups can be an indicator of general health.

If you’re experiencing decreasing vision clarity or eyesight problems, the sooner you take corrective measures, the better. Don’t you agree, it’s an easier task to correct faulty vision than to restore it.

Freedom of Choice

Vision plans offer a national network of participating vision providers such as VSP . It’s the most popular and largest network of vision providers available and most vision plans are accepted by these VSP providers. Provider panels include independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as regional and national retail chains (including Walmart Vision Center, Sam’s Club Optical, Costco,†Pearle Vision, Target, Sears, JCPenney and Visionworks). You may also choose different providers for vision exam and for materials such as frames and glasses to keep costs down.

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