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Testimonials from Diane

A former employer, Diane was used to paying health insurance premiums for her employees. When her circumstances changed, the Marketplace was there to back her up.
“I could pay for a few doctors visits perhaps, but what if something went wrong with one of my hip replacement?”
Nona Marie
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Diane is very helpful on getting me affordable health insurance and dental for my daughter and I and she's always on time!
Karen Moisan
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The service has been so kind so accommodating and efficient. It is so nice knowing that Diane is taking care of all the details of the insurance.
Linnea Benda
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Diane is amazing! She saved me over 50 bucks a month on my insurance and i was able to stay with my provider. Thank you so much.
Kiah Frohnauer
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Incredibly helpful and friendly! Also very well informed and quick to respond! Couldn't have asked for a smoother experience.
Jay W.
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Diane did a great job helping us select the right plan for my family. We had to coordinate things from out of state and everything was simple and easy. I double-checked all of her recommendations and everything she told me matched. Replies were prompt and she did a great job answering all my questions.
Steven S.
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I am so grateful I met Dianne! I recently spoke to her about questions and needs I had, and she pointed me to a Regence plan that is fantastic! I've seen a dentist, will check out a gym this week, and had a very indepth call with a plan rep about all my benefits. Plus, I can use my local pharmacy instead of a mail order company. Dianne is totally awesome!
J R.
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Dianne will make your life easier! I've always had insurance through the company I worked for so when I had to find insurance for myself for the first time as a self-employed individual, I was a little overwhelmed with how many choices there were. I wanted to make sure I was choosing the right plan for me. I contacted Dianne based on all the great reviews and I'm so glad I did! I was in the middle of doing an out-of-state move and even with both our busy schedules, she made the process a whole lot easier. She recommended a plan for me based on my situation and preferences, and after doing research and comparing a few plans on my own time, I found that the ones she recommended were indeed the ones that worked best for me. Thank you so much, Dianne! I will definitely refer you to anyone I know would benefit from your help.
Nancy Whitman
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Wonderful people to work with and I would definitely recommend them!
Tess Stevens
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What a fantastic free service!! Navigating health insurance can usually be so overwhelming. I recommend Health Plans In Oregon to everyone in need! I received wonderful, clear help from Jessica, Dianne & Emmy. It’s so good to get face-to-face information. The phone service was also very helpful. Thank you!
Manbir Singh
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Diane and her group were fantastic and were really helpful in getting me enrolled successfully in an insurance plan affordable to me. They kept me well informed and replied to my queries swiftly. Thank you Diane, Lee and the entire group.

Testimonials from Ray

Life had many surprises in store for Ray, one of which was a back injury that has made his health coverage more important than ever.
“The Marketplace has just done wonderful things for me. They’ve helped me a lot.”

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