Autumn Safety Tips For You And Your Family

Summer’s almost gone and fall is on its way.

Like most people, fall is my favorite season of the year. Color-changing leaves are everywhere which set the mood for cozying up indoors or going out for a drive to experience the picturesque surroundings. However, with all these wonderful things comes the potential for danger as well. That is why we are here to give you autumn safety tips you can use in order to stay safe and healthy this time of the year.

Basic Autumn Safety Tips for you and your family:

Autumn Safety Tips


When driving, be cautious of poor visibility.
Always slow down your vehicle if you cannot see well. Falling leaves can obscure your vision and so as the longer night time which is part of the fall season.

Also watch out for ice.
When you drive, you need to be extra cautious on shady spots along the roadway to avoid skidding on it.

Keep your children away from leaf piles near a curb.
We know that children love to play on leaf piles. But it could be dangerous most especially along curbsides as drivers may have poor visibility and may put your child at risk for getting hit.

Never leave the fireplace unattended.
Always make sure that fire in the fireplace is completely out before leaving the house or going to bed. Moreover, use of a fireplace screen is advisable to keep sparks from fleeing out of the fireplace.

Be careful with candles.
This is a basic precaution but most of us forget the careful usage of candles. Improper candle use is one of the main causes of home fires. Always remember to keep it away for children and pets and never leave one burning unattended.

Prevent back injuries when raking leaves.
Most people think that raking leaves could not cause any harm but this is incorrect. Back injuries are common during the fall season as many of us do not know the proper posture when raking. Standing upright while pulling from your arms and legs is the correct way. When picking up bags of leaves, bend at the knee and use your legs, not your back.

Get a flu shot.
Autumn is the start of flu season. This vaccine can provide protection against severe complications from flu and common colds.

Prevention is always better than cure.

We at Health Plans In Oregon would like to keep you safe and healthy not only this fall but all-year-round. Providing you with these autumn safety tips is just one of our ways to help build an ideal community.

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