Careoregon GoMobile Enrollment Events

Careoregon GO Mobile Enrollment Events

Anyone that may need help with OHP, Medicare, health insurance, enrollment and navigation. CareOregon goMobile are pop-up clinics around Portland. They’re open to anyone in need of healthcare. They can resolve issues such as: address changes, CCO assignment, immediate OHP enrollment (via Community Assistors nor Partners), Medicare enrollment, Dental, Mental and Health Appointment scheduling and basic resource information.  Here’s the schedule for the month of September 2017.

Health Plans in Oregon normally gets invited to help out on these free healthcare enrollment events in and around the Portland Metro. For any immediate help feel free to call us at: 503-998-6169 or email us at:

Here are some of regular Careoregon goMobile Clinics Enrollment Events locations:


Union Gospel Mission

Portland Mission

Bud Clark Commons

Human Services Department

Beaverton Library

Forest Grove Farmers Market

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