Get Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Are you financially ready when an illness strikes?

There are things your health insurance policy doesn’t cover such as non-medical expenses – mortgage, car, groceries, etc. Life insurance with living benefits will help you fill those gaps and comes right in when you need it the most.

Why buy life insurance with living benefits?

A typical life insurance gives you the opportunity to leave a financial legacy for those left behind. But wouldn’t it be better if you get access to cash in times of difficulties – while you’re still alive?

In the event of a qualifying chronic, critical or terminal illness, Life Benefits provides early access to the policy’s death benefit or face amount. This will never let you suffer in life without a cash back up, this means lesser burden and lesser risk.

When you get sick and unable to perform or work for an income or you become incapable of doing activities of daily living, Life Benefits will support your needs in paying for recovery and other expenses.

Living Benefits – A Better Option

If you get a life insurance with living benefits, you’re availing a “life insurance for the living”. You and your family will be protected against financial strain when illnesses like heart attack, cancer, or stroke unfolds.

We would always want to think positively, but life itself has inevitable circumstances. When your health suddenly deteriorates, life benefits will help you when you need it the most. Since an insurance like this gives you early access to the policy’s death benefit, you no longer have to wait for death to happen, you’ll have cash to sustain your needs while you’re still living.

Where can living benefits cash be spent?

As a policy owner, it’s up to you! If you face qualifying chronic, critical, or terminal illness, you can use it to pay for care or treatment that may not be covered by your health insurance plan, cover other household expenses or pay for anything that can help you thru a difficult time.

Will there be anything left for your loved ones upon your death?

The maximum amount you can accelerate for critical or chronic illness is 90% of the face amount. Therefore, you’ll have a minimum of 10% of your face amount remaining for your loved ones upon death. However, you can accelerate the benefits for a terminal illness up to 100% of the face amount. In this case, there will be no benefits remaining at the time of death.

Get help from your trusted local insurance consultant.

Health Plans In Oregon is your licensed insurance agent providing help to thousands of Oregonians since 2006. We provide help at no cost with regard to insurance quotes and different policies. As professionals, we are here to help you achieve a financially-secured life. We are flexible in meeting your needs, feel free to schedule an appointment with us for a personal, one-on-one analysis of your current situation.

For all your questions on life insurance with living benefits and health insurance, reach us through 503-928-6918. You can also send your inquiries to

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