Oregon Wildfires | The Air Quality and Your Health

Severe smoke from Oregon wildfires can create dangerous conditions.

Hot, dry summers causes increasingly massive wildfires. As per the National Interagency Fire Center, there are currently 12 Oregon wildfires burning roughly 346,745 acres. Since smoke from wildfires is made up of gases and fine particles from burning trees and other plant materials, it can cause irritability of the respiratory system, eye infections and can also worsen heart and lung diseases.

Are you at risk? oregon wildfires

Yes, you are at risk if you…

– are an older adult. It is because older adults are more likely to develop heart and lung diseases.
– currently have heart and lung disease (i.e. angina, congestive heart failure, COPD, asthma, emphysema)

Children may also be at risk most especially if they have an active outdoor exposure. Another thing is they breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults.

Safety Guidelines

Oregon wildfires affect each and every Oregonian, and the ultimate safety recommendation is for us to limit our exposure to smoke.

Know your local air quality reports and visibility guides.
Pay attention to news, public health messages and warnings regarding wildfire smoke.

Keep indoor air clean as much as possible an do not add up to its pollution.
Always have your air filter clean (i.e. high efficiency particulate air [HEPA] and electro-static precipitator [ESP]) to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside the house. Do not smoke, light a candle or use a stove in order to avoid adding up to the indoor pollution.

Do not fall for ‘false’ sense of security.
Regular dust masks are not the right protective wear for wildfire smoke. Make sure to use a respirator (N95) in order to protect your lungs effectively. Moreover, it is very important that you pick the right size of the respirator that fits you or else, wearing it would be useless.

Always make your health a top priority.

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