Thinking About Vision Insurance? Here’s A Look at Its Benefits!

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Packages of employee benefits generally feature a range of choices for multiple health requirements. A lot of employees consider health insurance the main coverage option along with life insurance and dental insurance. But, not many are sure whether they require vision insurance, particularly if they do not suffer from any vision problems. Oregon life insurance plans ensure that the future of your loved ones stay safe and secure after you leave this world. Vision insurance in Oregon provides benefits for more than just eye exams. Here’s a look at three important reasons as to why you need to consider vision insurance:

Vision health
Vision insurance promotes good vision health just like a regular program of fitness. Eye exams come under the category of preventive care and these plans cover most of the exam costs. Arranging regular exams helps your eye doctor in identifying vision correction requirements, changes inside the eyes and any initial stages of eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. 

General health
While conducting an eye exam, ophthalmologists often recognize serious medical problems like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, some cancers, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, etc. Detecting such illnesses at an early age can help reduce the costs of medical treatment. 

Cost savings
Before you enroll yourself in vision insurance, understand your needs of vision care for the next twelve months. Consider factors like the need of prescription glasses or contacts by you or your dependents, eye exams, LASIK surgery, etc. Consider the different plan benefits so that you understand your coverage. Basic vision insurance plans may cover just eye exams and provide discounts on prescription eyeglasses while comprehensive vision insurance plans can offer basic insurance coverage and provide discounts for extra prescription eyeglasses and LASIK vision correction. 

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