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3 Tips On How To Find A Primary Care Physician

By February 11, 2019 No Comments

It never stops on just signing up for a Marketplace health plan.

After you get a health insurance policy, it is important that you find a primary care physician (PCP) that’s within your plan’s provider list. Finding the right one that fits isn’t always easy; this is why we’ve put a list of tips for you below.

But first, let us know what does a PCP do…

A primary care provider is someone responsible for dealing with the majority of your health care issues. To make it short, he/she is considered your main doctor and probably your main go-to person when you feel any discomfort – flu, body pains, unusual sensations, etc. If you have a PCP, it is much easier to diagnose your sickness and provide medications as he/she is the one who knows your health best. In addition, your PCP is also the one to refer you to the right specialists (i.e. cardiologist, surgeon, psychiatrist) when a more complex illness has been detected.

Find A Primary Care Physician that best fits you…

It is important that your PCP is on your provider list.
Choosing a physician who is within your network is one way of maximizing your health insurance plan as it saves you money. You can always check if your preferred doctor is on your provider list by contacting them to ask if they accept your coverage.

Choose someone you will feel comfortable with long-term.
When it comes to this, you can ask a relative or a close friend for a referral. Since probably you’ll be seeing your PCP regularly for your checkups, it is essential that you can comfortably open up to him/her with regards to any of your health situations.

Do a research about your chosen PCP.
In order to find a competent and caring physician that aligns with your health care values, you can do an initial visit. You can also see HealthGrades to research and compare doctors and hospitals.

When you need local help…

It is always a smarter move to find a primary care physician even if you have a health policy that doesn’t require you to get one. Health Plans in Oregon can provide you with free assistance when it comes to your health insurance and medical needs. Book an appointment (at no cost) with us through 503-928-6918. We also do home visits so you won’t have to go out to get our help.

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