Be More Diligent Of Your Lifestyle And Habits When Choosing An Individual Health Plan In Oregon


When you are looking for the best individual health plan in Oregon, you will have to take into account several factors that are going to affect the cover you are able to get. Also, there will be numerous health factors that will directly impact the amount you have to pay at the end of every month as premium to the health and vision insurance provider in Oregon.


Your Family Medical History

Whether in the past your family members have high blood pressure, heart problems or succumbed to cancer, you pay a higher premium. That is because in contrast with someone with a fairly unblemished family background, you are more likely to be at risk for infection.

Your Tobacco Usage

Since studies indicate that tobacco consumers are at a higher risk for cancer or other diseases, insurers are paying them a higher premium. You are also entitled to pay a higher premium if you have stopped using tobacco. That is because tobacco’s consequences take time to walk away and cancer risk remains.

Your Pre-existing Illness

First, you’ll need to check if the insurer provides you with a health cover. If they do, then a higher premium rate is likely to charge you.

Your Body Mass Index

Those with high BMI are at a higher risk of developing heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis, etc. A high BMI can also cause complications in pregnancy. Therefore, the premium amount is likely to be higher for those who have a normal BMI.

Your Purchase History

Insurance companies may charge a higher premium rate for those who have not been previously insured.  Insurers believe that those who first buy insurance are more likely to get more health check-ups as soon as they obtain a policy.

Your Gender

Females are more vulnerable to chronic illnesses, and are more likely to have frequent visits to doctors. Women are currently running a higher health-care bill in their lifetime relative to men. This is why women pay a higher premium amount.

Your Age

The younger you are, the lower this is the premium. That is usually because while you’re younger you may not be as prone to disease.

Your Work Profile

If your job profile is volatile you are charging a higher premium. If the work is exposed to radiation, toxic substances or chemicals, or has a position that is at high risk for injury.

Moreover, if you also have an extremely sedentary job, you can get charged a higher premium. That is because sedentary employment places you at an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease.

Your Environment

Unless the environment you are staying in is more vulnerable to climatic conditions, environmental issues and poor access to nutritious food, you will be charged a higher premium.

Your Marital Status

Given unclear reasons for this, married couples normally have a longer lifespan and are generally healthier. And if you’re married you’re paying a lower premium than single ones.

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