Points to consider before buying health insurance

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Choosing the right health care plan from the plethora of health insurance policies in Oregon is a brainstorming task. The rising health issues these days due to a sedentary lifestyle, irregular and unhealthy eating habits and fast-paced life, makes it a must-have. Along with Oregon life insurance plans or Medicare advantage Oregon plan, purchasing a policy for an affordable health insurance Oregon has become a must-have. Before zeroing down on a plan the following things needs to be considered:

The simple and easy claim process for faster settlement of the claims

The sum insured limit as any medical expense over and above the limit will not be included.

The extent of risk coverage. 

Affordable health insurance must be considered in terms of premium and benefits such as OPD Cover, daycare, maternity inclusions, pre and post hospitalization, ambulance services, free medical check, etc. 

The Waiting period for pre-existing diseases (if any)

Understanding the difference and need between Individual or Family floater health insurance policy and then purchasing the relevant one.

Taking age into consideration and selecting the right insurance amount. Be confident and sure to choose a sum insured which won’t fall short in case of an emergency and the premium of which is not too exorbitant.

Empanelment of your preferred hospital/ doctor with the affordable health insurance policy you are thinking to purchase.

Prefer buying the health insurance policy which offers lifetime renewal options.
It is advisable opting for plans that are devoid of restrictive options, like co-payments, or any sub-limits such as restriction on room rents or treatment-specific limits.

With the sky touching medical cost in Oregon, health policy can help you and your family stay secured and relaxed n terms of finance required during a medical emergency. Thus it is utmost important to invest in the right policy.

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