FamilyCare Medicare Shuts Down – Recent Update

FamilyCare will no longer offer Medicare plan as of July 01,2018.

All members who get their Medicare coverage through FamilyCare Community will no longer be offered a Medicare plan as of July 01, 2018. If you’re a member, this means that you should decide about getting a new health prescription and drug coverage as your Medicare coverage will end June 30, 2018. Furthermore, you will still have Medicare and Oregon Health Plan benefits, including prescription drug coverage, regardless of whichever choice you make.

What happens if you don’t choose another plan before July 01, 2018?

If you don’t get to choose a new plan before July 01, 2018, Medicare will automatically enroll you in a new drug plan and you’ll have health coverage through Original Medicare starting July 01, 2018. If you have Medicaid, the you can join a Medicare health or drug plan at any time. familycare medicare shuts down

In addition, if you join a new Medicare plan after June 30, 2018, your coverage in the new plan won’t start until the month after you join.

If you don’t take action before July 01, 2018, you’ll have Original Medicare and prescription drug coverage starting July 1, 2018. On this specific date, you’ll receive prescription drug coverage Thru Envision Insurance Company’s Oregon, Washington Envision RxPlus plan.

What if you don’t want to be in Original Medicare or the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that Medicare chose for you?

You have the right to have the Medicare health or drug plan of your choice at any time. The coverage you chose can start as early as the month after the new plan receives your enrollment. Otherwise, Original Medicare or Envision RxPlus plan will take effect by July 01, 2018.

What are your Medicare coverage options?

1. Join another Medicare health plan

Get help thru 1-800-MEDICARE or have a free and personal assistance thru Health Plans In Oregon – 503-998-6169 | Medicare health plans cover all services that Original Medicare covers and may offer additional benefits such as dental, vision and hearing coverage. Moreover, some health plans are designed specifically for people with both Medicare and Medicaid.

2. Stay in Original Medicare and keep the Prescription Drug Plan which Medicare had selected for you.

If you choose Original Medicare, you’ll need a separate Medicare drug plan to get prescription drug coverage. This means that you can opt to keep the prescription drug plan coverage already selected for you, or you can select another prescription.

Get local help at no cost.

Health Plans In Oregon has been helping thousands of Oregonians since 2006. As one of Oregon’s licensed insurance consultants, we provide a one-on-one consultation at no cost. For all your inquiries, you can call 503-998-6169 or send an email to

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