FamilyCare: Remaining Health Plans To End on June 30

FamilyCare: Remaining Health Plans To End on June 30

As a Coordinated Care Organization, FamilyCare paved the way to affordable, high-quality medical care with its mission of “Creating Healthy Individuals through Innovative Systems”. It has provided integrated patient-centered care to approximately 115,000 Oregonians covered by OHP/Medicaid.

They also offer Medicare Advantage plans with one-on-one care and service. However, it has been authorized to shut off its Medicare Advantage plans effective June 30, 2018.

FamilyCare | Notice to the Public

Starting last week, letters are sent to FamilyCare’s Medicare Advantage members notifying them to the end of their coverage. Moreover, they have also been informed as to what further steps to take depending on the health plan they are enrolled, their age-based and eligibility.

If a member is under FamilyCare Advantage Rx or Community plans, some decisions must be done about choice of getting Medicare coverage beginning July 1, 2018. It is also important to note that FamilyCare will only pay claims for health services provided through June 30.

If you don’t get to choose a new plan before July 01, 2018, Medicare will automatically enroll you in a new drug plan and you’ll have health coverage through Original Medicare starting July 01, 2018. If you have Medicaid, the you can join a Medicare health or drug plan at any time.

Where to get help?

Members who are enrolled in both Medicaid and FamilyCare’s Medicare plans can contact their local Aging and People with Disabilities office for assistance with new coverage. For all other inquiries, members can reach out to FamilyCare 800-458-9518 and thru a licensed local consultant, Health Plans In Oregon thru 503-998-6169.

Schedule an appointment.

You can have experts from Health Plans In Oregon help you with all your FamilyCare/Medicare concerns. As licensed health plans consultants selected by the Department of Consumer and Business Services and Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace since 2006, thousands of Oregonians have been provided with assistance at no cost. Call 503-998-6169, emails can also be sent to

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